TRUST ME! This Is The Best Salted Egg Chicken In Singapore!

Ate here more than a hundred times. Yes, that’s saying a lot for my top pick of the best salted egg chicken in Singapore. You might find a lot of results saying they have the best but really, the real deal is here. So, forget about Makansutra, Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown, or even that resto in Far East Plaza or along Geylang because I will bet everything that I have for this one. Don’t even mind to add a new search tab and google for more because you will just be wasting your time.

What sets the difference between Mak’s and others is the cream sauce. I mean I don’t know, how does angel dust taste? Like something from OUT OF THIS WORLD, spicy yet salty. Don’t get me wrong but I did go to a couple of stalls and restaurants just to make sure that what I am betting on here is really worth it. And I’m very certain that the way they bath their bite-sized chicken in rich and creamy salted egg sauce makes them the winner. But you can ask the waitress to serve the sauce in a separate bowl. Or, better, devour on an extra bowl of sauce ($6).

It has got to be the juiciest, creamiest, and tastiest salted egg chicken out there. Coming from a chicken-is-life person, trust me.

There is nothing fancy in the place but who cares if your tummy’s getting worth more than whatever. For the chicken, I love that you don’t have to chew a million times. The place is busy by night time, so be prepared to wait for at least 20 minutes max. Have I convinced you to pay a visit to Mak’s yet? Sure you can thank me later after you stuff yourself with the awesomest.

ADDRESS                        401 Changi Road, 419847
NEAREST MRT              Kembangan
CUISINE                         Asian, Chinese, Halal, Malay, Seafood, Western
OPENING HOURS        Tue-Sun: 16:30 – 01:00 Closed: Mon
AVERAGE PRICE          $17
PHONE                          +65 68447656

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