Back to Blogging – Why I Chose Blog over Vlog

As some of you may have noticed, I have deleted my old page and taken a bit of a break since I moved to Cape Town. I‘ve had a lot going on with work these past few months and I hardly got a time keeping up with my own page. Also, I‘ve already had this outline to post, but I would run out of time to write them well. I don’t want to post things just for the sake of posting. Every writer knows that quality content is more vital than simply any sorts for that matter. 

So, here I am promising to post a minimum of three a week. Yes! That is for damn beyond any doubt, folks!

I generally get messages from friends to vlog instead for these reasons:

  1. Videos are way more entertaining
  2. Reading is boring – let alone if the article is way too long
  3. Since I’m into video editing, might as well just vlog — making it hella easier for me

Indeed, Youtube is a huge platform to effectively brand yourself and make a profit from it. Be that as it may, despite everything, it goes down to your choice on which you believe is the better medium to pass on your musings and impart your knowledge. I have nothing against vloggers but I still find blogging as a more personal way to speak your mind.

So what made me decide to continue blogging?

To be honest, given the shitload number of videos I am editing now, I hardly find a time to open my Word and type. It’s currently past three in the morning and I literally spent the whole day editing videos. God bless my body. I’ve been living the zombie life for quite a while now but still, no complaints to be had.


I never really expected that my craving for adventures that pull my heart at strings and my heart for traveling will grow from 100 to 100000000…00. Just the thought of getting to the airport influences me to wince. Guess I really am just about all for pushing comfort zones and challenging common perceptions. On another hand, I feel awful for not getting back to people asking me questions about a trip I did. Whenever I get messages like this, I’d generally wind up saying “I’ll get back to you” until the point that months have passed and this person still hasn’t heard anything from me. So, I promised myself to utilize this blog and share each and every detail that I can recall from all my travels which will particularly focus on four things – DO, SEE, EAT, STAY

Having traveled to 18 countries now, I know how hard it is to choose the ONE from a large number of results you get from the web which is why this blog will particularly share itineraries to help you with your planning.

Wouldn’t it be nice to share your thoughts with similar individuals who are likewise inspired by similar interests? Sharing is caring, right?


My mom always whines about me being horrible at communication. Like for what reason wouldn’t I be able to try and send a solitary message saying I’m still alive. So, I thought that this is a good way to keep the folks back home updated with my latest exploits and experiences.

Ending this with a short reminder to you guys…

There’s an entire world out there and possibilities are endless. It’s anything but difficult to overlook how this is available to every one of us. You don’t need to leave your job to chase that dream to travel. It really depends on who you are as a person – your goals and passion in life. Be that as it may, do remember one thing, you have the say to go outside of the routines you always fall into and the responsibilities you always take on. It doesn’t take much but if you’re just clear about who you are as a person and what you want out of this life, and if you’re just willing to open yourself up and try, then you can carry on with an untamed life. I promise you that.

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