Is Solo Traveling a Way to Find Love?

So here is yet another out of the blue question:

Would you choose to spend an entire week traveling with someone you’ve never met? And not understanding how they look like by any stretch of your imagination?

For the most part, it’s definitely embracing the we’re-going-all-in mentality. And I’m glad to have done such as I wouldn’t be as brave as who I am now and wouldn’t have had pulled myself out from the shackles of society.

Under usual circumstances, we become more acquainted with each other in controlled conditions wherein the other individual picks precisely what they want us to see from them. Nothing more, nothing less. And if you told me a year ago that I’d come to Japan and find love, I’d have called you insane. Tell you what, I don’t believe in solo traveling and finding love. It doesn’t work that way, never it will. But, you learn more about yourself — 9999999999x better at that.

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Tokyo, Japan

Meeting this man was never the highlight of the trip but learning and realizing what and/or who will complement the kind of person I am.

The thing about getting on the boat of travel is that you don’t just go to a place and expect to have yourself totally changed after that trip. It’s a continuous process. You consistently bring new energy and ideas to yourself and that is the manner by which travel develops you as a person.

The one thing that solo traveling taught me about relationships was to realize what I require from that and how I should conduct myself to keep up an agreeable level of dependence and independence. More so, the things that would complement myself — that childlike sense of fun, the ability to make big and bold decisions, that rapidly spreading fire in their eyes, the readiness to soak up in sweat just to catch that perfect view, that receptive outlook which acknowledges human and cultural differences and voices opinions about world issues. As to my surprise, I saw these through this man I went traveling with and I am grateful.

When you love yourself, you don’t stress about things and you stop to worry — allowing you to focus on positivity.

When you love yourself, you focus on YOU — allowing you to become present to the beauty and possibilities around you and see your hopes and dreams come to life.

You don’t simply find yourself and expect love to find you. You have to love yourself before another person can truly love you. You have to know what makes you happy before someone else can make you truly happy.

And when you’ve accepted who you truly are, the good and the bad, nothing will ever make you feel it’s not good enough or you’re not good enough.

Because you already know that you are.

When you start to love yourself, I can promise you that the rest will follow. The person will come like a storm without warning and you will just know it. Love will be easy. It will all come out natural. Those walls that you built over the years will break down.

And everything will make perfect sense.

It’s all true, you’ll never know how much travel can change you until you see your very core strengthened. Meeting new people is inevitable and that will quickly teach you never to settle for less and learn to discern about who sticks around and stays.

We all deserve the privilege of knowing who we truly are, and I can promise you that everything will start falling into place.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

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