Cape Point + Cape of Good Hope for Epic Views in Cape Town

To start with, I have to say Cape Point is a destination that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. No kidding. Not to exaggerate it but the view here is a million times better than Table Mountain – you’ll never want to leave! *Just saying*


Cape Point is a top destination, yes, but this isn’t just one of those usual “top destinations”. It is truly an outdoor enthusiast rich playground and nature lover’s heavenly vessel. Perfect for those with keen eyes who are looking for Cape Town‘s awesome spots. However, don’t get confounded by the signage posted at the base point. People think that the Cape of Good Hope is the southernmost point of Africa but is actually not – Cape Agulhas is. It is only the southwestern-most point of Africa. (Know the difference and get your facts straight)

Get the best view in Cape Town


There’s nothing like standing at over 200 meters above the vast ocean below while taking in spectacular panoramic ocean views in all directions, plus the Table Mountain. It’s as if your body is being vitalized and your eyes are filled with soaring birds and glorious views of the icy ocean and outrageous waves. It gets into your bloodstream, picks you up and makes you want more. I literally ran out of words to portray its magnificence while gazing through the watery horizons.

IMG_1849One way to do this is through a visit to the old lighthouse which you can either access by foot on the off chance that you need to appreciate a picturesque stroll up, or by a ride in the Flying Dutchman Funicular – a cable-drawn railway funicular that takes you up to the old lighthouse and down again. 

The lighthouse is known for its bird’s eye view. I think it is the most visited area so expect a small crowd on top. Though I certainly not propose that you spend too much time here as there are other points of the area where you can get better views.


Do it with nature

IMG_1840This place only encompasses 7,750 hectares of indigenous widely varied vegetation – no biggie. The journey to Cape Point itself takes you through a rich area of well-diverse plant life and provides great opportunities for catching an array of different animals and over 250 species of marine birds. Unfortunately, and for reasons unknown, we only got to spot ostriches roaming in pairs. How unlucky can we be?

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Also, I don’t know how true is this but it is said that the air at Cape Point is considered to be the freshest and cleanest in the world due to the South Easter, which acquires air from the Arctic. One thing’s for sure though – this is the windiest place in South Africa. It was freaking wild. I was literally being brushed off by the wind.

For outdoor enthusiasts

From leisure/guided strolling to hiking, cycling, surfing, camping, fishing, one whole day is definitely not enough to appreciate the normal magnificence and natural life this place brings to the table. There are numerous strolling trails accessible for guests which you can get information from

If you have more time, you may wish to explore various roads and some trails that will lead you to picnic areas, pristine beaches, tidal pools, shoreline inlets and scenic viewpoints. Although most are accessible by car, you can also explore these and other areas of the park on foot or bicycle.

Just have a look at this secluded beach where we decided to kill some time and hang around with mountains as our backdrop and spectacular coastline out in front. I don’t suggest taking a swim though as the strong currents will definitely carry swimmers out to sea and the ice-blue water was insane. It literally felt like it was coming straight from the Antarctic haha it was sunny yet the water was, truly, that cold.

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This place is truly one hellfire of an unforgettable experience. I’ve never seen such views before, I almost died in tears. It is certainly a standout amongst the most breathtaking spots I’ve seen up until now. Even Sir Francis Drake described it as “The most stately thing and the fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth”.

Right then and there, I felt a connection.. at its purest, most raw form. There was something rare. Something mighty. Something so utterly strong, a certain unbreakable bond, that is forged when you take a gander at the supremacy of this world and think.. Dang! how are you able to explain this. I mean, words can’t do it justice.

Classic. Epic.

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Tip: Never ever take what other people are doing. Continuously explore things on your own and you’ll be astounded by what’s sitting tight for you.

Opening Times:
07:30 – 18:00 Summer (October – March)
08:00 – 17:00 Winter (April – September) 

Costs for visiting the Cape of Good Hope:
Adults: R147
Children (2 – 11 years old): R75

Costs for Flying Dutchman Funicular:
Child (age 6-16) / R24 (return) | R18 (single)
Adult: R58 (return) | R48 (single)

Watch our Cape Town video here.

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