A Top Secret Place in Singapore People Don’t Know About

I’ve been keeping this spot a secret for so loooong but it’s time to share!


Nearest MRT Station? Outram Park MRT (EW16 / NE3) – Entrance/Exit F

So yes, I became an ultimate IG posing cliché around all these beautiful Peranakan style houses. And like Haji Lane, some shop houses stretch along the road (check out Everton and Neil road, too!), open for anyone to take photos against the floral ceramic tiles. Since then, I became obsessed with Peranakan architecture in Singapore. You’ll see the meticulous detailing of different colored tiles stand out conspicuously against the old shop houses, making it hard to miss. When I first arrived, I was all about snapping portraits of every corner of this area and I literally DGAF. It was easily my favorite spot in Singapore. What’s more, you have zero chance to catch a crowd. *yaasss gurrrl*

The Peranakan culture shares great nostalgia and significance for local communities in Singapore. They are descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay archipelago. Today, many Peranakan houses are protected by the government and remain a pivotal piece of the Singaporean legacy.

If you’ve been traveling to Singapore and never heard about this place, then make sure to pay a visit next time and see yourself! To those who are planning to travel soon,  make sure you don’t miss this on your first visit!

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Now to my question…

What do you think about secret spots?

Should we keep them a secret to protect them from being ruined, or do you find it selfish to keep people from enjoying the places you love?

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