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We all have our own stories to tell. Well, here’s mine! 

The Runaway Gal blog chronicles the adventures and misadventures of Nom, a freelance writer, and a full-time digital marketer based in Dubai. TRG is inspired by the definition of the name itself — “A runaway girl is a girl who wants to live the life the way she wants it. She wants to escape the town she grew up in and live a life full of adventure, happiness, and curiosity.”

She once dreamt of being an Ambassadress which earned her a degree in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. Having that great interest in international relations, she’s attended numerous international conferences and Model United Nations – an exceeding one was in San Francisco where she had the privilege to be the first Filipino to seat in the Security Council as the French Republic.

Getting picked to be one of the 350 delegates out of 5000+ worldwide applicants to attend the 7th World Youth Congress and UNDP’s Rio+20 happens to be her turning point. She was that 18-year-old young lady going on a solo trip to Brazil for two weeks with nothing in mind but to step into shoes of international policymakers and gain firsthand experience of policy formulation and world governance. Although it wasn’t her first trip, seeing herself getting around and exploring things on her own definitely changed her life. She’s then started her own adventure and has traveled to 18 countries to date.

She’s worked in Singapore for 2 years and has been working full-time in Dubai since 2016.

I knew I wanted to do something creative. Earlier this year, I made the decision to commit myself to it. Now, I call The Runaway Gal my baby and have it as my outlet for creative juices at the same time share personal ‘insights’ on travel and life in general.

More than travel guides and tips, I personally aim to share random shenanigans, stories from locals, meaningful experiences, and insights on socio-economic issues.

Traveling has made me feel empowered and I desire to extend this to all my readers. You can also follow me on Instagram to fuel your wanderlust.


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What’s your favorite place you have visited?

Cape Agulhas in South Africa, definitely! It was easily my favorite destination. Standing between two oceans at once? Oh, what a moment. Looking out over the ocean. Sitting, taking in the fresh cool air. Walking. Bird-watching. And knowing you are standing at the very end of the African continent. I literally cried. It’s as if my body was being vitalized and my eyes were filled with soaring birds and glorious views of the icy ocean and outrageous waves. As someone who’s mad crazy about the wonders of this world, you can imagine how happy I was to have made it to the Southernmost point of Africa.

What’s the best thing you have seen while traveling?

Whilst traveling around Sri Lanka, I paid a visit to a Buddhist Sunday School. Not only was I introduced to Buddhism but also to the thought of why contentment is an essential principle in life. I learned that one reason why children, even middle-aged people, are discontent, especially nowadays, is that they are given too many choices about their sense pleasures — and this is where contentment comes in.

Contentment is an essential Buddhist principle and it amazes me to see how it is being taught to Sri Lankan kids as early as their young age.

What’s your best travel story?

At the age of 18, I was chosen to represent my home country to attend the 6th World Youth Congress in Brazil. What really gave me a huge impact was taking part in 50+ action projects in different parts of the city, getting some hands-on experience of doing community improvement projects in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Never before had I realized how much power you can have once you’re given the opportunity to get out there and expose yourself to a different side of the world – a world you know nothing of, you did not grow up in. I met so many amazing global changemakers and I found it truly enriching to have the opportunity to converse with like-minded people. And I couldn’t help but examine how I can give back to this world as well – on what terms and how in my own little ways I can achieve this. From then on, I continuously aim to add meaning to my travels. Be it traveling responsibly, staying in a local home, learning local cultures, joining local projects, or just simply interacting with the locals.