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Cape Town Travel Film | 2018

started in Japan, now we here! it’s been 2 months! just thought of sharing some bits and pieces from his Cape Town visit! Drove over 1500 km in 8 days // Good food. Scenic drives. Breathtaking views. Awesome company.

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Japan Travel Film | 2017

There’s the ancient, the traditional, temples and shrines. many of the old ways still visible on every street corner. and yet there’s also the modern, the progressive, a city that’s constantly running forward. this country is definitely my favorite one so far. I wish I could have stayed longer. I am definitely coming back! On […]

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Sri Lanka Travel Film | 2017

Here’s a short clip I made from my recent solo trip to Sri Lanka. Hope this inspires you to get out there! started with Ella, went down to Kandy then passed by Sigiriya towards the busy city of Colombo. Just 4 tight days and I got to experience an overwhelming contrast of beauty, culture, hospitality, […]

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