Australia: Through Local Eyes


Where are you originally from?​


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your people?
Relaxed and easygoing

On a scale of 1-10, how well does your country speak English?

Can you give a key phrase/word/expression that people in your country usually say?
No worries mate

How do I say “hello/thank you/please/sorry” in your language?
Hello, thanks, please, sorry

Are you more like laid back or party people?
I am more of a party/busy person


Best food? Weirdest food? Local food to try?
An Australian barbecue is a must try! We also do great seafood, especially fish and chips. The weirdest thing that all locals should try is Vegemite (a spread that we put on bread with butter)

Best drink? Local drink to try?
We don’t really have a local drink, we just love alcohol

How is breakfast served in your country?
Australians LOVE breakfast! We have so many options from sweet pancakes to a “big breakfast” which includes eggs, bacon, tomato, sausage, hash browns and of course our beloved avocado!


The best festival to attend?
We have so many little cultural festivals in Aus but the food festivals are the best.

Which sport are you guys crazy about?
We love AFL

What is the craziest thing to do in your country?
Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge or sky dive

What excursions and/or activities do you extremely suggest that visitors MUST do?
You MUST go to the beaches in Western Australia, as well as the wine region-both fantastic!

Are there any local customs a visitor should be sensitive to?
Not really, we are very laid back


What is/are the most surreal places/landmarks to visit?
So many beautiful natural locations but Ayers Rock would have to be the one everyone should see

Can you name a place that most people have not heard of? A secret spot perhaps!
The Pinnacles, natural wonder in West Aus

Where can visitors find the best beach?
Western Australia by far!!

If I’m staying for less than a week, which city should I choose?
Melbourne or Sydney


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your country?

How many days at least should a visitor spend in your country?
At least 10 days

When is the best time to visit?
Anytime but summer will allow you to see the most, however our winters aren’t very cold so they aren’t too bad!

Can you give an interesting trivia about your country? 
We do not have kangaroos as pets!

What is your country’s most popular stereotype/cliché?
The Aussie Bogan who drinks beer and says “put a shrimp on the Barbie mate!”(we don’t even use the word shrimp we say prawn!)


Are you a traveler? Which place is your favorite so far?
I am, Europe

What’s your best travel story?
I have too many

Why do you love traveling? 
It makes me feel free and I love to learn about different countries and cultures, while still getting a tan! I also love eating alllllll the food!


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