France: Through Local Eyes



Where are you originally from?​
Paris, France


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your people?
Hedonistic complainers 🙂

On a scale of 1-10, how well does your country speak English?

Can you give a key phrase/word/expression that people in your country usually say?
The word you hear the most is probably “Putain” . It literally means whore. On a more friendly tone, people do say “ca va?” a lot, “what’s up?”

How do I say “hello/thank you/please/sorry” in your language?
Bonjour/merci/s’il vous plait/désolé

Are you more like laid back or party people?
Definitely more laid back


Best food? Weirdest food? Local food to try?
well.. it’s France! Everything is delicious, but it can be weird as well. For example the classics like snails and frog legs, but also raw meat like in Tartare, or bone narrow. That’s not local food I’d suggest to try though – instead try Galettes (hearty Crêpes) or Gougère, cheese filled choux pastry.

Best drink? Local drink to try?
Apart from the obvious, wine, try Cidre or Calvados from Normandy.

How is breakfast served in your country?
Breakfast is very basic but delicious: a café, either an espresso or a big bowl of café au lait and some sort of viennoiserie like croissants or pain au chocolat. Alternatively you can also have a tartine, a half baguette with marmelade and butter.


The best festival to attend?
My favourite festival is “Rock en Seine”, a festival next to Paris with focus on Rock and Electro and “Hellfest” near Nantes – one of the biggest Metal festivals in Europe.

Which sport are you guys crazy about?
We’re definitely into soccer, but rugby and tennis are also very popular.

What excursions and/or activities do you extremely suggest that visitors MUST do?
If you have a bit time, I suggest you visit Brittany in the very west of France. It’s a region with a very strong celtic background, stunning landscapes and a lot of delicious sea food and Galettes.

Are there any local customs a visitor should be sensitive to?
If you get introduced to someone, don’t be surprised if they do the “bise”. Depending on the region, it can be 2, 3 or 4 kisses but in any case, it’s only appropriate in informal situation.


What is/are the most surreal places/landmarks to visit?
That’s the Mont Saint Michel – it’s a mixture between old middle age cathedral and Disneyland on an island that is accessible by feet on low tides.

Can you name a place that most people have not heard of? A secret spot perhaps!
Provins. This little mediaeval town lays a good hour outside Paris and hosts one of the biggest middle age festivals of France.

Where can visitors find the best beach?
The beaches in the south west of France in the Basque country are beautiful, if you like long white sand beaches with dunes and surfing. For rocky cliffs and distinctive tides, the beaches in the north of Bretagne are awesome. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with Corsica.

If I’m staying for less than a week, which city should I choose?
Very simple: Paris. Less than a week is enough to see most of the city. You won’t get bored and you won’t miss much.


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your country?

How many days at least should a visitor spend in your country?
If the plan is to see most of France, a roadtrip of 2-3 weeks has you covered.

When is the best time to visit?
early summer and early autumn are the best bet if you’re in for nice weather. The summer month July and August are often too hot, especially in the south.

What is your country’s most popular stereotype/cliché? 
A guy with a striped t-shirt and a baguette under the arm.. as striped shirts are very fashioned these days, you actually see them quite often for real 🙂


Are you a traveler? Which place is your favorite so far?
Absolutely! I love the USA and South East Asia

Why do you love traveling? 
The best and most exciting about traveling is, that I can live a different life without that I have to give up anything. It makes my life choices less binding and scary as I have the safety net of a home.


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