Mexico: Through Gabbie’s Eyes

Where are you originally from?​


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your people?
hard workers with great work ethic.

On a scale of 1-10, how well does your country speak English?

Can you give a key phrase/word/expression that people in your country usually say?
Se pasa de panzazo (it just means when you barely make it, say a test/quiz)

How do I say “hello/thank you/please/sorry” in your language?
Hola, gracias, perdon/disculpe/lo siento

Are you more like laid back or party people?
laid back


Best food? Weirdest food? Local food to try?
Tacos! Crickets (lol) Good local food to try… chilaquiles!

Best drink? Local drink to try?
Mexican hot chocolate. Atole/champurrado

How is breakfast served in your country?
It’s usually a sweet bread (concha) with a hot beverage (usually coffee)


The best festival to attend?
Posadas (around Christmas time)

Which sport are you guys crazy about?
Soccer (Futbol)


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your country?
Full of life and humble people

How many days at least should a visitor spend in your country?

When is the best time to visit?
Christmas season

Can you give an interesting trivia about your country? 
Some regions eat certain insects

What is your country’s most popular stereotype/cliché?
Everyone has a Pablo Villa mustache and sombrero


Are you a traveler? Which place is your favorite so far?
I’m trying to be more of a traveler. Spain

What’s your best travel story?
I was 18 years old and I arrived in Spain in the early hours of the day. I was starving so I went to a sandwich shop to get myself something to eat. All combos included a beer, so I ended up purchasing a sandwich combo with a beer which I devoured within 5 minutes. I had beer for breakfast! It was the best 🙂 And no one batted an eye at me drinking beer looking as young as I did. 18 is the legal drinking age over there, needless to say I was hydrated by beer most of my trip.

Why do you love traveling?
I love learning about other cultures and trying different foods! I’m such a sucker for food.


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