Netherlands: Through Merel’s Eyes


Where are you originally from?​
the Netherlands


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your people?
Dutch people can be found and recognised everywhere in the world. We are outgoing and have loads of wanderlust. Dutch people are very venturous.

On a scale of 1-10, how well does your country speak English?

Can you give a key phrase/word/expression that people in your country usually say?
Dat is gezegellig! It cannot really be translated with one word.

How do I say “hello/thank you/please/sorry” in your language?
Hoi or Hallo/ Bedankt / Alstjeblieft / Sorry

Are you more like laid back or party people?
Dutch people certainly know how to throw a party but I think most are more laid back.


Best food? Weirdest food? Local food to try?
Most foreigners really like our “stroopwafel” and most don’t like our liquorice.

Best drink? Local drink to try?
I think it’s very Dutch to drink milk with breakfast and lunch.

How is breakfast served in your country?
We usually eat bread with something on it. Typical Dutch is hagelslag (chocolat sprinkles).


The best festival to attend?
Pinkpop or Lowlands are the most well known festivals.

Which sport are you guys crazy about?
Football mostly.

What is the craziest thing to do in your country?
There are a lot of crazy things to do in Holland ofcourse. Maybe go to the Waddeneilanden en skydive there?

What excursions and/or activities do you extremely suggest that visitors MUST do?
Visit Amsterdam. It is the most well known place in Holland. Explore it on bicycle, typical Dutch.

Are there any local customs a visitor should be sensitive to?
I can’t think of anything, Dutch people are fairly used to different cultures.


What is/are the most surreal places/landmarks to visit?
The Waddeneilanden, a beautiful place in nature.

Can you name a place that most people have not heard of? A secret spot perhaps!
There are lots of places most tourists have never heared of.

Where can visitors find the best beach?
I think that would be Noordwijk

If I’m staying for less than a week, which city should I choose?


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your country?
Nederland (Translates in lower land) is known for it’s flatness. We have no mountains and hardly any hills. It’s very open and you can see far.

How many days at least should a visitor spend in your country?
As long as possible ofcourse ;). But I think you can see most highlights in 9 days two weeks. If you spend here longer you can see more of the country ofcourse.

When is the best time to visit?
I’d say summer, Holland awakens at the first rays of sun, everybody gets happy and wants to go outside. We are people who know how to make the most out of being out in the sun as we don’t have a whole lot of it.

Can you give an interesting trivia about your country? 
Did you know our national anthem has 15 couplets?

What is your country’s most popular stereotype/cliché?
When you tell you are from holland you often get asked about drugs. But some people know about windmills or clomps.


Are you a traveler? Which place is your favorite so far?
I love to do so. I’m doubting between India (rajasthan) and Tunesia (Djerba)

What’s your best travel story?
I’m going to link here!

Why do you love traveling? 
I want to see more of the world, meet new people, get to know new cultures and get out of ordinary life!


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