Portugal: Through Marta’s Eyes

Where are you originally from?​
Lisbon, Portugal


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your people?

On a scale of 1-10, how well does your country speak English?

Can you give a key phrase/word/expression that people in your country usually say?
“À grande e à francesa” is something we usually say when we’re talking about something big and rich, like a huge expensive party. We would say “That party was ‘à grande e à francesa’”, which literally means “like the french”.

How do I say “hello/thank you/please/sorry” in your language?
Olá/Obrigada/Por favor/Desculpe

Are you more like laid back or party people?
We’re definitely party people, but we prefer laid back gatherings to super formal celebrations.


Best food? Weirdest food? Local food to try?
Best food: pastéis de nata. Weirdest food: tripas, which is made from the pig’s stomach. Local food to try: in Lisbon, ovos verdes (“green eggs”) and bacalhau à brás (a cod dish).

Best drink? Local drink to try?
Port Wine. We’re also getting into the artisanal beer business now.

How is breakfast served in your country?
Most people eat bread with ham and/or butter and some kind of juice, fruit or cereals.


The best festival to attend?
Os Santos Populares, in June.

Which sport are you guys crazy about?

What is the craziest thing to do in your country?
The Praia do norte (north beach) in Nazaré is known for having some of the biggest waves in the world, if you’re into surfing.

What excursions and/or activities do you extremely suggest that visitors MUST do?
Visit Livraria Lello in Oporto (the library which inspired Harry Potter) and listen to Fado, in Lisbon.

Are there any local customs a visitor should be sensitive to?
No. But portuguese people always appreciate if you try to speak our language.


What is/are the most surreal places/landmarks to visit?
Again, beaches all over the country, the Gerês (which has incredible natural parks).

Can you name a place that most people have not heard of? A secret spot perhaps!
In Lisbon there are many hidden viewpoints, like the the “Miradouro da Graça”, which offer stunning views of the city.

Where can visitors find the best beach?
Probably in the Algarve.

If I’m staying for less than a week, which city should I choose?


In one word or sentence, how do you describe your country?

How many days at least should a visitor spend in your country?
As much time as you can, but you could see a lot in a week.

When is the best time to visit?
September and October, when it’s still warm but not too hot.

Can you give an interesting trivia about your country?
Even if people don’t know a word of english, they will still be eager to please you. That’s just how portuguese people are, we’re dedicated hosts and want to see you come back.

What is your country’s most popular stereotype/cliché? 
That we only care about football. Some people also say that all portuguese women have a mustache.


Are you a traveler? Which place is your favorite so far?
Yes. I loved Dublin.

What’s your best travel story?
Off the top of my head, I remember visiting the Shakespeare and Company library in Paris and having so much fun exploring it.

Why do you love traveling?
I love meeting people while I travel, and since I love art, there’s nothing better than seeing one of my favorite paintings in person.


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